Once upon a time….

…there was a mum with a family who loved books. Even her 7 month old baby had got a taste for them (literally had to prise a couple of them out of his mouth…) She wanted to start a blog that included honest informal children’s book reviews, reading and writing fun things to try at home and also bits and bobs of her own stories and poetry for kids.

I hope you enjoy this one!

There’s a Hippo in my Bathtub

Kirsten Allen 09/07/2017

There’s a hippo in my bathtub!
I think she’s been there all night!
I went to go and brush my teeth and she gave me such a fright!

Should I call the pet shop?
Should I call the zoo?
If I call the fire brigade, will they know what to do?

I ask the hippo “Are you stuck?”
The hippo answers “No!
But please could you move the rubber duck?
It’s tickling my big toe!”


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