Childhood book week….

So this week I thought I’d share some of my favourite children’s books from my childhood. Haven’t read some of these to the boys as they’re too young but can’t wait to when they’re older! If you have any please let me know in the comments-would love to hear them!

Worzel Gummidge – by Barbara Euphan Todd

This book was my ultimate ultimate favourite from about 7-10 years old. Can’t count the number of times I read it. Also loved the TV series but enjoyed the book more! It’s about a scarecrow who comes to life and gets up to all sorts of mischief. He makes friends with 2 children on holiday in the area. A lovely read! 

Sunday Review….

Was at the supermarket the other day and came across a book that looked good fun…and it was!

The Bear Who Went Boo! – David Walliams

Call me old fashioned but for some reason (have no idea why!) I’m always a bit sceptical about celebrity written books (unless it’s a biography or something). I tend to go for books written by people who’s job it is to write books but that’s just me. I’ve changed my mind though! This is our first David Walliams book and it’s so enjoyable to read! It’s about a bear who goes around shouting “BOO!” at everyone (including a naked walrus?!?!) A TV presenter comes along to present a nature program and of course the polar bear shouts “BOO!”….The presenter then threatens to leave and stop filiming and the other animals are outraged!
Good plot, entertaing to read and kids will enjoy it (at least my son did!)