Tick Tock Little Mouse

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Tick Tock Little Mouse – Kirsten Allen

Tick tock it’s one o’clock and Mouse is hungry for cheese
Time to sneak past the mangy cat, whose fur is covered in fleas.
Tick tock it’s two o’clock, Mouse is still on his way.
Creeping through the farmer’s field he gets stuck in a bale of hay!
Tick Tock it’s three o’clock Mouse is finally free!
On Mouse scurries but too quickly he hurries, so trips and scrapes his knee.
Tick Tock it’s four o’clock Mouse walks slowly with a limp.
A bushy tailed squirrel throws a nut at his head, the cheeky little imp!
Tick Tock it’s five o’clock, the farmhouse is within sight.
When suddenly an owl swoops past and gives poor Mouse such a fright
Tick Tock it’s six o’clock, Mouse feels brave again once more.
He creeps quietly and carefully through the kitchen door.
He sees the cheese, he sees the bread
There on the table straight ahead.
Up Mouse climbs as quick as flash,
But suddenly there’s an almighty crash!
He sees the farmer chasing him with a giant rolling pin!
Mouse jumps down and plates fly up. What a racket what a din!
Then joy! Oh luck! Oh happy days! The cheese falls on the floor.
No time to pause! Mouse picks it up and runs out of the door.
With cheesy grin and tummy full, Mouse rests his weary head
And dreams sweet dreams of cheese boards and ways to get that bread!

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