Storytelling nerves…..

What are your favourite Autumn children’s books? 
This week Sandhurst Library have very kind in asking me to lead a storytelling session on Thursday and it’s Autumn themed. I’m so flattered that they would like to hear some bits that I’ve written alongside  some Autumn type books.

So here’s a little something I wrote for the occasion:

Autumn – by Kirsten Allen 

Mud squishing in my fingers 
Brown conkers all around
Golden leaves are falling. What a crunchy sound!!!
Furry squirrels playing hide and seek with the acorns that they find.
Lushes lovely berries!
Types of every kind.
These are the wonderful things I think of,
When Autumn springs to mind.


3 thoughts on “Storytelling nerves…..

  1. I love your poem. It’s very cute. We don’t really have autumn where I live in Australia. We’re coming into spring now, and the flowers are beginning to bloom. It’s gorgeous! Have a wonderful autumn. Enjoy your storytelling session. What fun!


    • Aw thanks so much! Just finished the session. Enjoyed it so much. Going to review the books we read tomorrow. Some really nice ones! Spring is a lovely time of year too. This is my favourite childhood spring poem (not one of mine -author Anonymous)
      Spring is sprung
      Da grass is riz
      I wonder where dem boidies iz
      Da little boids is on da wing
      Ain’t dat absoid
      Da little wings is on da boid

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