Tuesday’s Challenge

Last week the challenge was to create a story/poem with your children using their favourite animal, colour and place. Oliver told me his was a car animal monkey(?!?) blue and up in the sky and a green crocodile on a boat. So here’s our concoction (he’s two so needed some help! Please allow for artistic licensing! 😂)

A blue monkey and green crocodile went sailing in a boat,
They both wondered how it was that the boat could float.
And if such a big boat can float they pondered why
They’d never seen a car high up in the sky!

And now on to this weeks challenge….talk about your favourite childhood books with your kids. Perhaps you still have them stashed away somewhere and you could read them with your children? Talk about their favourite stories. Which do they remember the best and why?
I remembered a book about a train (in German) I had when I was little. My mum dug it out and brought it over. Since then there’s barely been a night when I’ve not read it to the boys. Brings back such happy memories!!!

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