Ok so every Tuesday I will post a reading and/or writing challenge for parents and children. Some of my fondest memories are of my mum’s made up bedtime stories that I’d get her to tell me …until she fell asleep! Then there was a random hippo poem (I promise I don’t have an obsession with this animal!) that I made up together with my now sadly late father on holiday. For years every holiday we tried to finish it and even now I can only remember the first bit….”When you’re lying on your tummy and you haven’t got a dummy, or a hippopotamus from Timbuktu…..” Didn’t make sense then and doesn’t now. Answers on a postcard! Anyhow, for years I haven’t written anything. At some point work, life, adultness got in the way. When you’re knackered and have all the grownup stuff to think about, it’s easy to put imagination and the childish fun stuff to one side – splashing in puddles, making dens with sheets and pretending you’re on safari, twizzling until your dizzy…  Or even looking at half a raisin and imagining it’s a snail (My 2 year old – it did actually resemble one!)

So in keeping with a bit of an animal theme, the challenge this week is to make up a story or a poem with your child(ren) using their favourite animal, colour and place. A blue giraffe at soft play? A red monkey at Grandma’s? Stomping, roaring, squeaking, screeching, hiding, scurrying?  Flying in a plane? Riding on a train? It doesn’t have to be long or rhyme or even make sense. It’s just for fun! Would love to  read them so please feel free to add yours to the comments or email them to me at I’ll put a few of them up on here next week. Enjoy!

Jungle Mix-up
Kirsten Allen 10.07.2017

Marvin the Monkey walks like an elephant.
Stomp, stomp, stomp!
Leo the Leopard eats leaves like a giraffe.
Chomp, chomp, chomp!

Polly the Parrot swims like a fish.
Splish, splash splosh!
Tommy the Tiger wades like a hippo.
Slosh, slosh, slosh!

Frankie the Frog hoots like an owl.
Twit-twoo, twit-twoo, twit-twoo!
Jacob the Jaguar munches bamboo like a panda.
Chew, chew, chew!

Lots of animals as you can see.
Which one would YOU like to be?


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  1. So I asked O what his favourite animal is. After much deliberation he said “Car animal!” I asked what colour “Red” where is the car animal? “Up in the sky!”… one point he mentioned a monkey. Let’s see what we can come up with….


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